Instagram Apps: 2 Top Tools for Stunning Pictures

Users don’t use Instagram apps for no reason. With these useful little helpers, you can monitor the development of your followers, schedule your own posts and compare the interaction rate.

There are certainly several hundred Instagram apps that perform tasks like the ones mentioned above. However, the quality is crucial. Which apps cover many tasks? This is crucial so that you don’t have to resort to a dozen different programs.

The following overview will give an insight into the best apps in my humble opinion. I will look at the quality as well as the price-performance ratio. Furthermore, I will distinguish between commercial and private use.

Die besten Instagram Apps

Iconosquare – Instagram statistics until one is blue in the face

price: at least 29$ per month

Iconosquare is a statistics tool that provides accurate insights into your followers and posts.

The Instagram app is divisible into two major sections:

  1. analysis
  2. publishing
Beispiel für Iconosquare App zur Analyse von Instagram Profilen
An example of Iconosquare’s analytics capabilities is the graphs showing subscribers’ development and the interaction rate. In case of changes, you can quickly adjust your own Instagram strategy.

First, I will now discuss the analysis area. 

What are my most popular posts ?
Which hashtags are the most successful ?
How has the number of my followers evolved in the last few weeks?
Which countries do my subscribers come from?

These questions and many more aspects can be answered by Iconosquare.

Iconosquare – advantages & disadvantages

The Instagram app should thus not be underestimated. Anyone who wants to analyze their posts for their company or as a (future) influencer should keep Iconosquare in mind.

Furthermore, Iconosquare has just been updated. The new update introduces a better design and has convinced me at least.

Iconosquare Übersichtsseite, einer der besten Analyse Instagram Apps
You can view impressions, number of subscribers and the average interaction rate on the Iconosquare app overview page. The program features a convincing, clear design. Therefore, in my opinion, it belongs in the list of the best Instagram apps.

I noticed positively that I can view the exact reach of all my posts. Furthermore, the tool displays the average interaction rate right on the home page.

This enables direct course corrections if your reach decreases or the interaction rate drops.

As mentioned above, the publishing section is another interesting feature. This section can simplify the work, especially for marketers.

You can schedule the posts automatically after downloading the app (iOS, Android).

The program then uploads your posts with hashtags to Instagram without any effort on your part. You can set the date as well as the time. This feature is especially interesting for people who have followers from different continents.

In most cases, these users can no longer be optimally covered at any given point in time, so it makes sense to have several published posts per day.

In a nutshell:

The program definitely belongs on the list of top Instagram apps.
For influencers and marketing specialists, Iconosquare is a good companion in everyday Instagram life.

However, in my opinion, about 30$ per month is steep.

You can test Iconosquare free of charge for 14 days. According to the saying “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, it is worth a try.

Combin – one of the best Instagram apps?

Price: Free version available, premium version from 12€ per month

Combin - Übersicht Nutzer

Why does Combin belong on the list of the best Instagram apps? The program has a decisive advantage.

It is possible to view the subscribers who do not follow you back. 

For this reason, you should definitely download the free version on your PC. Furthermore, Combin allows users to (un)follow. This tedious work can then be automated.

You can view all your followers under the menu item Users. There is also an option to view the users you follow.

If your account is overflowing with too many posts from other users, you can tidy up here.

What I appreciate most about Combin is the reduction in work. I no longer have to worry about unfollowing users myself, and I can spend more time publishing posts.

Nevertheless, I would currently only recommend the version to every user. Combin (free of charge) is limited in its actions, but it is sufficient for a start. 

Put friends, acquaintances, and engaging Instagram users on the safe list. Even if you select all users to unfollow, these Instagram users will remain intact.

Do you know any other apps that facilitate marketing on Instagram? Share them with us in the comments!

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