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Creativity, commitment and a certain amount of perseverance. All this is important to implement influencer marketing campaigns from conception to analysis. ReachOn is your creative partner for your message.

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Conception of the influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is an opportunity for nearly every company. ReachOn takes care of the creative campaign implementation. You can sit back and relax.

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Selection & negotiations with influencers

The best result at a fair price. That’s what ReachOn stands for. Our team knows the standard market rates. Thus, we ensure that you don’t pay more than necessary. We have already been able to reduce influencer costs by 30%.

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Realization of the influencer marketing campaign

The implementation of the influencer campaign is important for companies. Therefore, let us advise you now without any obligation. Our expertise will make your influencer campaign a success.

5 reasons, why ReachOn
is the perfect fit for you

ReachOn is the influencer marketing agency you can rely on. Our team includes book authors as well as interview partners from TV stations and newspapers.

Furthermore, columnists and social media experts with more than 7 years of professional experience work in our agency.

Our view is: creativity and passion lead to success. This is the motto of our Influencer Agency ReachOn, which we have taken to heart since 2014.

However, the term Influencer Marketing still leaves many questions unanswered.

What types of tasks do we take on for you? We support you as an influencer marketing agency in the form of:

1. sponsored posts 2. giveaway posts

3. product videos

4. live on-site reporting

A good approach as well as a harmonious cooperation with influencers enables the best possible placement for your company.


Influencer Marketing

More than 500 influencers
Price on request
  • More than 500 influencers
  • Online expertise since 2014
  • Hassle free guidance for your company

When it comes to marketing issues, it is important to have an expert as a partner. Experts are people who have acquired extensive knowledge on a subject area in 10,000 hours of intensive work.

As members of Generation Y, the social media experts at the ReachOn agency have grown up with social networks.

Thus, you can benefit from the experience and many years of practical knowledge.

Our agency’s employees have witnessed the beginnings of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 

These social media experts were among the first users to take steps on the platforms. Furthermore, our social media professionals know what makes influencers tick.

Furtheremore, we pride ourselves regarding the excellent customer service we offer. We have a client satisfaction of 99%.


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Sponsored Posts

Do you want influencers to promote posts with your company’s products? That’s doable without any problems. Give us an overview of your portfolio. Then we’ll be delighted to help you, of course.

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Giveaway posts

Everyone loves a sweepstake. We realize influencer campaigns which showcase your product in the best possible light. Thus, you can draw attention to a product launch, new features or amazing discounts.

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Live on-site reporting

The corporate event is still missing some glamour. Send invitations to influencers who report live on-site. The influencer agency ReachOn supports you throughout this project.

The appropriate influencer for your campaign

After a few campaigns with influencers, our influencer agency can state:

Every company can find the right Influencer.

Therefore, you get the following promise from us: ReachOn will find the right influencer(s) for you.

Whether it’s a short- or long-term campaign is irrelevant.

ReachOn experts know how to identify suitable social media personalities for your project.

The key criteria for choosing influencers are:

  • What are your company’s goals with the influencer marketing campaign?
  • How many subscribers does the influencer have?
  • What is the engagement rate of the social media star?
  • Has the influencer already worked with a competitor?

The social media whizzes have taken steps on the platform as one of the first users. Furthermore, we know what makes influencers tick.

Arrange a meeting

Bombard us with questions

The influencer agency ReachOn offers influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The most useful platforms depend primarily on your goals. If your company is primarily interested in business customers, LinkedIn is worth it. For private users, Instagram makes sense, for example.

Increasing brand awareness and sales are just two of many benefits. You can find more information about the benefits in our Influencer Marketing article.

The costs depend on the scope of the service as well as the platform. We will be delighted to provide you with a quote. ReachOn Influencer campaigns start from 990€ excluding taxes.

Depending on the industry, the benefits of influencer marketing differ. In general, however, the increased awareness benefits companies of all industries and sizes.

ReachOn initiates the cooperation with the help of a free consultation. We then discuss the campaign objectives. In the next step, an agency employee introduces you to suitable influencers. If you accept our offer, we can get started right away.

Yes. As a social media agency, we take care of the entire campaign for you. We are also happy to implement the campaign on multiple platforms.

We currently work with more than 500 influencers from various industries. Furthermore, we always are on the lookout for new influencers.

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