Instagram Ads: In 5 Steps to More Success

Instagram Ads: an overview

Instagram has become one of the crucial social media advertising platforms for many businesses. More than 800 million people worldwide use this app to share pictures with friends.

Instagram advertising has also become the focus of marketers. Meanwhile, 75% of all companies with more than 100 employees intend to use Instagram for marketing purposes.

This shows the relevance that Instagram has acquired for companies. After all, 9 million Germans actively use Instagram – every month.

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Why should I advertise on Instagram?

Simply: Because it works.

Instagram advertising has proven to be an effective way to attract new customers.

The real question, however, is rather: does Instagram ads fit your business model?

Who’s on Instagram anyway? Are they teenagers taking selfies of themselves? Or are they 20-year-olds looking for travel destinations? What about the older generation?

Demographics of Instagram users

We have to disappoint marketers who want to target older Germans.

Most users are between 18 – 29 years old (55%). Only 11% of all users are in the 40-54 age group. Furthermore, only 4% of Instagram users are older than 65.

The majority of Instagrammers live in cities (32%). However, a large proportion of people also reside in suburbs (28%) or in the countryside (18%).

If your customer base or target audience is in this area, you should definitely advertise on Instagram.

Junge Menschen sind besonders geeignet für Instagram Werbung

Even though your customers are older, an Instagram campaign can still make sense.

Even if your product is geared towards senior citizens, you still retain the ability to select this group of people specifically in the advertising manager.

If you want to expand your customer base, it’s easy to do so on Instagram.

They can select the characteristics of their target group, set the target group’s income and also determine the place of residence and occupation.

All of this makes it easier for them to build a loyal and high-income customer base.

Which Instagram ads types exist?

You can pick between three different options. Which choice you make depends entirely on the interests of your company.

Would you like to increase brand awareness, generate more sales or increase the amount of app downloads?

You can choose between photo, video, and carousel ads.

Carousel ads are especially interesting for online stores. Yet, photo and video ads should not be neglected either.

You can upload up to 10 images simultaneously with the advertising type carousel. Your target audience can swipe back and forth. They can view the different images and click on the product link if they like it. 

Using video ads can highlight the product’s benefits more accurately than photo and carousel ads can.

In a nutshell: The campaign is limited only by your creativity!

The greater the uniqueness of your campaign, the better the impact for your company.

Campaign goals

Instagram Kampagnenziele festlegen

Initially, the most important question is:

What do you want to achieve with the campaign?

If you want to succeed in the field of Instagram advertising, you need to define the specific goal of the advertising campaign initially.

Otherwise, it is almost impossible to optimize the ad consistently and systematically. 

You have the choice between 6 different campaign targets:

  1. post interactions
  2. brand awareness
  3. video views
  4. clicks
  5. app downloads
  6. website conversions (e.g., from prospect to customer)

Unlike Facebook, it is impossible to set the campaign goal of acquiring more followers on Instagram.

If you’re interested in building a fan base, you should expand your collaborations with influencers.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

The cost of your campaign depends on several factors. Thus, this question is difficult to answer.

First, you can opt to pay for each click (CPC) or impression (CPM).

You should choose the latter option if you are sure that your campaign will significantly interest your target audience. Especially with a reasonable click-through rate, it can be profitable to pay per impression.

Several studies have shown that in Q3 2017, an average click cost between $0.70 and $0.80.

However, this does not mean that you cannot pay less money per click. After all, you have the option to set the maximum bid yourself.

Remember that you will pay more money if you narrow your target audience. Therefore, try to limit yourself to the most relevant characteristics.

Instagram photo ads: tips & tricks

There is a reason for the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Using simple and captivating imagery, you can present your brand in a compelling and stylish way.

You can introduce products, raise your visibility and draw attention to important news. This is possible, among other things, with guaranteed page views, clicks and likes for your company.

Notizbuch Marketing Bild, Balkendiagramm, das sich positiv entwickelt

Instagram ads: What you should keep in mind

1. Equip every Instagram ad with a certain amount of personality

Whether it’s a funny video, a thought-provoking image, or a question:

Your advertising campaign will only reach its full potential if you adapt it to human needs.

People use Instagram to relax, laugh, and be entertained. You need to incorporate these needs into every Instagram ads campaign!

We will gladly take over this work for you and supervise the creation and management of your advertisements from the very first moment.

We discuss your ideas and goals and subsequently create your advertisement.

2. Does the ad fit the platform?

Many people make the mistake of not adapting their content to the platform’s style. However, the target groups of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fundamentally different.

This is especially true for Instagram. Put yourself in the shoes of your target group.

The potential buyer will probably not be interested in a 40-page e-book.

Therefore, you should first ask yourself the following questions:

Does my product fit the platform?
Can I find the relevant target group for my product on Instagram?

These questions are crucial, since a smoothie will always sell way better on Instagram than a plastic window. Use images and videos to show the benefits of your service or product.

Therefore, stash the message in the image description and subtly draw attention to its benefits.

Your followers and all other Instagram users will thank you.

Get your Instagram ads created by ReachOn now!

We have special expertise in Instagram advertising and can therefore optimally adapt your campaign to your wishes.

Through a detailed analysis of your expectations, we implement your campaign and focus on the Instagram users who will make your business a success.

Instagram Ads: Essential Video Tips at a Glance

On Instagram you are able to create promotional videos up to a length of one minute.

When people look at Instagram Stories, they expect the ad to be in a video form as well. To meet users’ demands, it is important to fulfill the following aspects.

Instagram Werbung: Video Tipps und Tricks

How to create better promotional videos

1. The first seconds count

Whether someone watches a video for quite some time depends on the first three seconds. Therefore: Integrate movements into the video. A static person does not arouse interest to the same extent as a person who performs acrobatic feats.

This does not imply that your video has to show an acrobatic feat. However, movements in the video interest people more than motionless processes.

2. Add text

Since audio is turned off by default, it makes sense to integrate text. This can reinforce the brand message and bring more attention to your company.

Nevertheless, you should not include too much text either. Otherwise, the user will be overwhelmed and can no longer perceive your message properly.

3. Solve a problem

Instagram video ads should make out an issue that people are concerned about.

In this way, you signal that your product offers relevance and appears to be important for people’s everyday concerns.

When you spot a problem that potential customers are concerned about, you connect with them. This arouses interest and piques their curiosity.

The perfect basis for acquiring new customers.

4. Concentrate on one goal

Never try to cover multiple marketing goals simultaneously. If you want to increase brand awareness or boost sales, you should create one ad for each goal.

If you combine several goals, you will only confuse your viewers unnecessarily. This will not move your company forward.

Less is more!

The video ads should blend naturally with the Instagram feed. The less these look like ads, the better.

The most successful advertising is the video that offers additional value without pushing the potential prospect towards a purchase.

Easily perceived messages are persuasive for customers.

Creative ads should refer to the formula KISS, i.e. Keep it simple stupid.

Carousel ads feature the ability to swipe back and forth to access additional images and call-to-actions. Users are then redirected to an external website.

This form of Instagram ads is especially interesting for online stores that want to sell products.

For example, fashion companies can quickly and easily draw attention to their collection and increase their sales.

Which ad type is suitable for my business?

This question is difficult to answer as well. It depends, as is often the case, on the company’s objectives. Do you want to become better known, sell more products or interact with current customers?

Companies interested in selling multiple products should use carousel ads.

Increasing awareness as well as improving customer interaction is achievable through image and video ads. If you have a product you want to focus more on, you can realize this well via a promotional video.

Furthermore, it is then possible to show the advantages in more detail to the customer.

Consequently, the selection of the advertisement type depends on the individual case.

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