Buy Instagram Followers: 5 Reasons Why It’s Unwise

Many businesses and even individuals are out to increase their Instagram followers. In the process, the question arises: Should you buy Instagram followers? Offers such as 5 euros for 1000 likes or followers are shady. They only waste your money and have no benefit.

Unless you are only interested in displaying the largest possible number of followers in your profile. However, the term “buy Instagram followers” also applies to other areas, e.g. via Influencer Marketing.

Instagram Follower kaufen

Other ways exist to get more followers in a targeted way. One option is to ask other influencers to publish a shoutout.
Instagram users publish a picture or video and draw attention directly to you or your company.

Bei Nutzerkonten von mehr als 10.000 Abonnenten können mithilfe eines Shoutouts schon enorme Zuwächse verzeichnet werden.

What is a shout-out?

On Instagram, however, it is defined as the possibility of drawing attention to one’s own channel via another user’s profile.

How users realize this, always varies. Generally, however, these actions take place via the posting of a video, image, or Instagram Story.

This is particularly interesting for companies, since well-known influencers can draw attention to your products. On the one hand, this helps them build up their subscribers, and on the other hand, they sell more products.

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Instagram bots

First of all, it’s important to note: Instagram bots definitely don’t have the best reputation. Many people criticize (not unjustly) that they harm the exchange on Instagram.

When used correctly, bots can also help to start a conversation with other people.

But what do bots do anyway? And can bots also be an interesting way for companies to draw attention to their product?

In my opinion: Yes.

However, the purpose of bots is not to buy followers, but to save people from tedious tasks.

This includes commenting, leaving likes, following and unfollowing.

From a certain number of subscribers, it is no longer possible to perform all tasks yourself. Then a bot can be a useful alternative.

Buy Instagram followers: Conclusion

The conclusion is: Watch out! The strategy of buying followers only makes sense under certain circumstances. Offers like 5€ for 1000 followers are shady. These offers help neither your company nor you.

However, shoutouts and collaborations with influencers can be a great way to gain more active followers.

Nevertheless, the same applies here: Take a good look at the people you want to work with.

How many followers do the influencers have?

How many likes do these influencers get per image?

Only if there is a good ratio between likes and followers, you should offer a cooperation.

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