Fake Followers Audit: 7 Epic Actions to Spot them

Fake followers: the initial situation

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Many Instagram users know it. Your follower numbers rise. Comments and likes remain constant. Anxious users fear that their content is insufficient. 

Companies struggle with the same challenges.

Which influencers can decision-makers trust to drive the company forward?

After all, they don’t resort to influencers who purchase followers.

Influencerin überprüft Fake Follower auf dem Laptop

Whether influencers or companies: An engaged audience is vital to

  • to increase sales
  • become better known
  • and arouse interest.

Are fake followers the reason for your recent failures?

That is possible.

Bots and fake profiles trigger insufficient interaction rates. Dubious influencers deceive marketers by buying subscribers. 

Reliable influencers build their reach organically. Users need time and perseverance for this work.

Keep in mind:

Your social media placement will worsen when fake profiles follow you. Regularly check your subscribers for fake followers.

Why do fake followers impair the interaction rate?

The Instagram algorithm rates posts on interaction rate, relevance, and relationship with the user.

Close friends see your content more often than strangers. If more subscribers follow you with the same amount of likes, your interaction rate deteriorates.

This has an impact on:

  • the placement
  • and visibility of your content.

A decreasing reach is a result. You receive fewer likes. Companies achieve fewer sales.

Person schaut sich die Reichweite ihres Beitrags auf dem Smartphone an

From this it follows:

Increase the number of genuine followers. Fake followers flatter the ego but don’t move you one step forward. In fact, the opposite is true. Artificial subscribers hurt your success in the long run.

Anyone can buy thousands of followers for a few euros. This is a short-term solution. Instagram deletes fake profiles quickly. This leads to the fact that they constantly have to buy new followers.

What are fake followers?

Fake followers comprise artificially created profiles. Computer programs create accounts to increase the number of followers. This leads to 10,000 users following them instead of 100. Unscrupulous users resort to these providers.

Their goal is to grow followers as quickly as possible

Attention: Buying subscribers is temporary. The high follower numbers have no effect. Fake accounts lie dormant after profile creation. Thus, artificial followers are ineffective.

Comments, likes, and sales do not increase due to these actions.

Why do users buy fake followers?

Instagram offers numerous opportunities to increase awareness. Sales, customer conversations, and the sharing of valuable information are all possible through the platform.

In addition, Instagram is gaining in importance as an advertising platform. Companies are increasingly working with influencers to put the brand in the right light. 

Therefore, influencers buy followers to charge higher prices. 10,000 additional followers ensure a higher compensation. Users demand about 100€ more.

Beginners equate many followers with success. This is a mistake. Millions of followers do not prove the quality or reach of the profile.

Some prospects are impressed by the number of subscribers. If the comments are not in proportion to the followers, the profile is not convincing.

3 Frauen schauen sich Fake Follower auf dem Laptop an

Many users find posts through the Discover feature on Instagram. Instagram places them in this area. The prerequisite is that they convince with high-quality and relevant content.

A good ranking can only be achieved with real users!

It applies:

Remove fake followers! This will ensure that your profile grows sustainably. Otherwise, users have to expect restrictions on their reach.

How can I recognize fake followers?

Users can find artificial followers on every social network. Neither Twitter, Instagram nor Facebook are spared from bots. Despite this, don’t worry: you can spot fake followers right away. 

You notice dubious followers by four cases. A sudden increase in subscribers, few interactions, and the quality of posts indicate dubious profiles.

Frau klickt auf App auf dem iPhone

The disaster occurs when influencers follow sales platforms. If Marie follows the profile “buyfollowers123”, this is a warning signal.

Well-known influencers comment on their fans’ posts. If there is no exchange between followers and the influencer, collaborations are not recommended.

8 features distinguish fake followers. These include:

  • an untrustworthy profile,
  • the engagement rate,
  • the follow-subscriber ratio
  • missing & outdated posts,
  • the language of your followers,
  • comments of the user,
  • dubious user name as well as
  • the growth rate.

Check out the profile

A dubious profile stands out due to the missing profile picture and a blank profile description. There is no content worth mentioning after the setup. If there are any posts, they are outdated.

Review the engagement rate

The engagement rate is an indicator of the quality of the profile. To determine the interaction rate, you divide the number of comments and likes by your followers.

A guideline is an interaction rate of 3 to 4 percent.

Imagine the following situation:

A profile has 10,000 followers. Followers award 5 likes per picture.

Does the profile look trustworthy to you? Absolutely not. 

The follow to following ratio

The follow to following ratio is crucial. It is common for bots to follow thousands of profiles. These accounts usually have less than 100 followers.

If a large profile follows thousands of users, you should refrain from collaborating.

Dubious user names & recognition of language

Dubious user names are a clue. Arab subscribers are unlikely to be interested in German content.

Examples of dubious usernames are:

  • ___music___
  • useryyz_1
Ein Beispiel für Fake Follower

Qualitative profiles have the following names:

  • john.doe
  • mary_waldman

Attention: Fake profiles use authentic user names to deceive brands. The profile name is one clue among many. Pay attention to the overall impression.

Inspect the growth rate

The growth rate is crucial. A serious profile grows steadily.

Scammers generate fake followers short-term. It takes a few hours or days to build up these followers.

If you notice a rapid increase, fake followers may be the reason.

Assess comments

If you doubt a profile after intensive research, there is a simple solution. Check the comments. Contentless, repetitive comments are an indication of dubious profiles.

Some examples of dubious comments include:

  • Beautiful picture
  • Excellent work
  • Keep it up!
  • I admire your creative posts.

Suspicious comments happen to nearly every profile. These addresses do not refer to a post in any greater depth.

Start your Fake Followers Audit with Combin

Link to Combin Growth

Researching rogue subscribers can be time-consuming. It is tedious to do the work manually. Software programs support users in their search for fake profiles.

The advantage is: They quickly spot fake followers.

Combin Nutzer filtern

Combin Growth is one option. After opening the app, you can browse the list of your subscribers.

  • Use the filter icon to select the “Sort by interaction date” option.
  • Click on the enlarge icon.
  • You can see the latest posts, the number of followers, and subscriptions.
  • It is possible to switch between the profiles using the arrows.
Übersicht von Abonnenten

Then they can make an initial assessment. Are they fake followers? They can easily determine that through the software.

Überblick, ob es sich um Fake Follower handelt oder nicht

In a nutshell

Combin allows you to check your Instagram profile for fake followers. Even influencer profiles can be checked.

Click on:

  1. search,
  2. add search,
  3. users

You can already view a selection of subscribers. This allows companies to review influencers. Furthermore, you can view up to 1000 of the influencers’ followers.

Fake Follower bei Influencern suchen

For this reason, companies should use the function. It helps them to distinguish authentic influencers from frauds.

To sum it up – Fake Followers Audit

Regularly check your subscribers. Therefore, it is useful to resort to software programs. Combin is a promising tool. It is possible to examine your followers. Therefore, it is possible to identify fake followers.

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