Instagram Feed: 7 Proven Tips for Your Followers

What is the Instagram feed?

The Instagram feed determines the success of your social media strategy. It displays posts of the followed Instagram profile to users. This includes new images and videos.

If influencers or friends publish new content, Instagram displays these posts in the feed.

Why is the Instagram Feed so important?

The Instagram feed is a great way for users to gain new followers.

When users visit your profile, you see initially the feed. If your profile doesn’t appeal to users, you won’t get new followers at all.

Therefore, consider who should be addressed with the profile. The addressed audience is the target group of the Instagram profile.

That may be travel enthusiasts for the globetrotter and fashion lovers for the model.

It is essential for companies to determine their visual voice. After all, the feed represents the company’s business card.

The permeated feed motif reflects the brand’s personality and values.

Why a consistent style is critical for the feed

At the beginning, it is important to pay attention to a consistent feed. The feed creates a higher level of recognition for your Instagram profile.

Finally, a consistent feed is more aesthetically pleasing than the alternative.

A distinctive vibe ought to be visible in every profile. Some profiles may opt for a light look, while other users may prefer a darker appearance. Other possible moods are minimalistic, white or colorful.

heller, einheitlicher Instagram Feed

In this context, it is important to ensure that the mood matches the brand.

If you are a cheerful person, a dark, moody feed makes little sense.

Use always the same filter

The red thread must run through the whole Instagram profile. The same filter adds a certain professionalism to the profile. This stands out positively.

For this reason, the decision about the filter should be well thought out. The filter should fit the represented brand.

The picture above illustrates the advantages.

Arrange the feed in topics

The needs of your target group are central. Therefore, it is important to address topics that interest users.

The feed should then be viewed as a whole. Individual images play a limited role.

You should always take a look at the last photo and the third last photo.

Ultimately, the new image is next to the last photograph and above the antepenultimate picture.

This is one of the reasons why you should schedule the posts. You can quickly check if the posts align themselves with each other via the Preview app (will be explained later ;).

Thus, the appropriate arrangement of images is a decisive criterion on Instagram.

It is also important to decide on 3 to 4 favorite topics. Then you should reports on these topics continuously.

Publish images in the proper format

The maximum length and width on Instagram is a 5:4 format. Thus, images take up more space in the timeline.

The benefit is that it takes users more time to pass over your images. The probability of receiving more likes increases.

Learn from your competitors

You can also learn something from one or two competitors. That’s why it’s wise to take a look at the profile of your most significant rivals.

Social media users should be careful to find the right balance between originality and continuity.

You should only publish pictures if they are of high quality. Otherwise, this will only negatively affect your profile.

If possible, users should post suitable images daily.

Two essential apps for the Instagram feed

You need the appropriate apps to create a convincing Instagram feed. VSCO and Preview are only 2 compelling programs.


The arrangement and the appropriate filters are essential for the feed. Preview allows you to check the composition of the images.

Do the images look good side by side? That’s easy to find out with Preview.

You can also schedule your posts via the app. This means that the posts no longer have to be published by you.


Users should use VSCO for the appropriate filter. Instagram offers only a fraction of the filters that VSCO provides.

This allows you to stand out from the crowd. Users can choose over 100 different filters. Light, dark or high-contrast filters fit depending on the type and taste.

The best option is to just try your hand and experiment with different filters.

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